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About Misty & Ryan

We are first and foremost husband and wife who love each other, love and spoil our “kids”, Chelsea & Sulley our dog and cat, love our families, and praise our mighty and ever-faithful God who blesses us immensely every single day.   

We both happen to be naturally creative and artistic growing up 100 miles apart with families that nurtured our creativity.  We each had a parent that always had a camera in hand (and still do) teaching us to be the same, never missing life’s big, little, and embarrassing moments.

We love to travel, are happiest anywhere outside, are music junkies, hockey fans, still pick out shapes and creatures in the clouds, and celebrate each other’s birthdays for a whole week.

We LOVE what we do, still get nervous, anxious, and excited.  And are still moved or transformed in some way by each and every wedding we get to be a part of.

We're lucky to be able to meet so many people and truly want to know them and what makes them who they are, and then capture that in an image that will caputure a moment for a lifetime.  We hope to meet you and thank you for being interested in us.